Fluffy Insides

what do I have now?

Full of Self-Possessions,

my Belongings

of Sense were

Lost in Transit,

–Thank God I wore sensible shoes–

Family Trappings

rerouted to

God knows Where

an’ me with all these claim tickets I can only exchange for more forms…

*Lifeless forms*

a Baggage Check I’d rather


–fuggadabout being the answer to 235 across, as well–

in the Traveler’s Anagram Puzzle Book I also have,

> and am never without <

what else do I have, I wonder?


I bare Gab Gifts

loads of Gab Gifts,

scrumptious & extravagant &

à la mode

arriving late & making a splash

in fabulous Raps

& bespoke as Auntie Mame

More reliable than Fed-Ex,

these Prescience of Mind arrive 24/7–

in all kinds of weather

providing so many Stringed Thoughts to sign for,

I toss the bulk unopened in the general direction of

Public Storage

a permanently grey area that Mugs

but never rains

>splattering Affects<

aiming parabolic, rainbow synapses

across acres and acres of Unreal Estate

–I own!

flat out own–

minus the

more-more-more Gauge

and Room with View

I homesteaded myself,

for the prerequisite 7 years

(and then some)

impossible to find on open market…


What else…what else…what else!



in Deed.

My Knowledge Wealth.

That’s highly bankable, too,

just not to the US,

and grows on Principles

in which I placed great Stock

–so surprise!

That makes me rich!

My Wordy Goods only accruing daily

> ignorance <

for example,

means: bliss

didja know?

and Mind Peaces

*tho scattered*

–more valuable still.

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