Taste Buddies

Death is umami

a crunchy feeder fish

you eat whole

–skeleton and all

(that might catch on the swallow)

but the skeleton lends a depth missing before…


Love is fresh fruit

dribbly, bitten strawberry

green apple right off the tree

imparting energy complex, and sub





Malevolence is brined

an over-salted jerk


a tooth-breaking brisket

that simmers in crack pots

all day and all night.


Regret is sweet.

Sweet like dried peaches,

it’s pleasing at first, but man.

That suckass sulfur aftertaste.


Rage is wasabi awesome

clearing the sinuses,

and charging the senses,

but ultimately cheap hot-sauce bad

> coming and going <


And Phoniness

well, phoniness. . .

That’s any processed food–

cream-filled & cancerous.

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