She had a parting of the ways

with her houseplants

–a falling out.

it bore no re∙peat∙ing …

& she kicKed them to the curb

–succulents, first.

everyone secretly hates succulents,

and in that regard, she was no different from anyone else…

creepy lil’ shop o’ horrors plant

and not even attractive,

the plant for the:

I am too lame to have a houseplant plant-owner

the succulents went first.

Cacti followed,

miniature cacti that bloomed too rarely

those little pricks were needy!

Requiring an eyedropper of water every other year

without exception

her sheer & pure eco-consciousness

compelled that split

–cacti followed.

Finally spiders

every last frickin’ spider mommy, daddy and baby

of that proliferating plant

got the bum’s rush

her weariness of web-related associations





creepers, all


–spiders were the last to go

. . .

Released to the wild, these plants were free!

. . .

Both deprived and granted rooTs,

it was their inability to ambulate that spelled disaster

since cities limit Trees.

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