It’s a Whole Thing

The words she chose

were the old ones

the ones whose definitions were Webster’s

–staid like that–

lacking even a hint

of colloquialism, gradation or banana cream pies

creating a background hum

and largely disregarded

as the habit of time

in a watched pot


coils over, slithers and strikes!

(without even one switchback)

Changing everything in an instant

to which it had been building all along

–on the DL

–on the QT

in that pot of watches

whose functions were diminished

by Dick Tracy first

but ultimately Apple

that started the whole thing

–in a garage?

–in a garden?

–in agreement?

it makes no difference

in the end

(of time)

and cessation

(of words)

or downfall

(of man)

even an emoji Jesus

could predict that

–whose 5 slaughtered fishes

lacking the power of expression

–colloquial, gradated or otherwise–

concealed unimagined pain.

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