My glass is half

the way to top,

and half the way

to bottom,

and though

my thirst

is not the worst,

–that missing bit’s

the problem,

conundrum here

not half a beer

. . .

though drink ‘em

if you got ‘em.


With lacking fizz

dilemma is–

should I regret

the bubbles?

lacking from

my cup

(and tum’)

would it be better


despite the fact

remaining half,

slakes my thirst

when guzzled?


Or is it best

to view the rest

of lager in the mug. . .

as blessing

not a lessening

of beer still there

to chug?

–since if I do

it’s sure that two

steins are seen

from suds…


The salient parts

of riddle are–

it isn’t what you’ve got,

since having half

of quaff’s not bad

–it’s better than

have naught,

if less allays

why not appraise?


little as a lot.

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