The Well-Read Worm

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Fearing the boredom

looming at noon,

the Worm booked a day trip

as day-trippers do,

fleeing emotions

and choking foursquare,

–peeling back membrane

between here and there–

uniting the twain

with gossamer pages,

escaping the plain

with focal point changes,

shooting the gap

inherent in pauses,

discovering worlds

in well-written clauses,

building a bridge

in bricks made of chapters,

scanning the span

to new ever after,

dog-earring tomes

in paper boat kinks…

a see-faring roam

which vessel was ink…

paddling boat

tethered to Hook, the

Worm was transformed

by virtue of book,

finishing Kafka

delighted to find

–wings had developed

around his behind–

& broadened horizons

far, wide and high!

revealing the Bookworm’s

inner B-fly.

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