Large Print

My eyes are running out of ink.

(don’t you hate it when that happens)

Holes pricked to extend my area of focus & peripheral vision

–first of all: worked–


caused the ink to run dry in incremental

drops as well

–as wells will do when unreplenished–

(water basins, too)

wHiTe DroPs

from laugh lines–

–definitely those, but

> most not<

mOst Black DroPs that pooled

and caused tears

which caused Paper Jams

and cost money,

and now I’se fade daily.

Squinting at that crumple∙d∙ream instead of printing

Losing ink–

–not toner.

as after decades of use I am unequipped to


my desktop printer is barrels more Tone

than other models that came out around the same time,

with prototype ALL IN ONE functions that appreciate–rather than depreciate–after each  run.

I’m no laser jet, but I could be retrofitted…


. . .

even so.

All printers need ink,

and mine’s going/goinG/GONE

Factory shut down without relocating across seas

Cartridge after cartridge dropping out; the electric surging right along with it.

The copy function, well, I never had one,

facts, either,

(derivative & drivel buttons might have been depressed the whole time, though, I confess I never checked)

and lately?
Lately the scanner

stopped calibrating the rain color entirely, which,

>believe it or not <

changes rainbow prints.

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