Unsaturated Faith

your soul can get


–it can!


that food for the soul

isn’t low-cal

it’s heightened everything!


–but most for your toast

ain’t salad

(for crying out loud)

that ‘gimme some sugar’

is raw!

Plain as the knows in your faith,

for all it’s extra special, it’s

Good food

to mete–

Good God–

let’s eat!


Surprising, though, which


lingers the longest

(a swivel of hips)

and which is quickest to go. . .

(a shoulder with chip)


take for example,


It coats the spirit


(talk about those lasting pounds!)

> ker-thud, ker-thud <

long after it’s eliminated from

your RDA

–no matter how often you exorcise–


swells the heart,

–no matter how frequently your head spins–

‘but’ gets bigger,

–no matter if you chug-a-lug Spirits,

and carbo-load angel food

your reflection is





On camera 2,

and while that’s neither well nor good,

it is


and now you’re probably wondering

which kismet kibble is easiest to lose…

(I’m projecting)

and that’s such a no-brainer

you’d have to be short-bussed

not to sense it innately

–at least a Little Bit

. . .

and do you?



Trust is the first soul food to go

–who cares if residual traces remain in your gut

–or if you’d stocked up last time out to Big Box, and forget

your stash in cupboard with Cupcake. . .

it spoiled

Why, you can lose it just


about it,


and certainly


by passing it by.

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