Alice in Janes

I kicked off

–the ball?

–the New Year?

–the constraints of the masses?

(my shoes)

just for

–coal walking?


–trying on new kicks?

(a minute)

growing more





in this barefoot state which is oxymoronic, dontcha think but the shards of glass



–champagne flutes?


quite surrounded me, interspersed with sizable



–insurance premiums?


which made for rough going, yet seemed appropriate, since the shoes I eschewed were

–flip flops?

–waffle stompers?

–made for walking?

(Mary Janes)

and though I’ve looked for them

–high and low?


–on sale?


one’s gone missing, and wouldn’t you know it was

–the left one?

–my own fault?

–at an amputee convention?

(the Merry one)

that I can no longer find.

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