Topical Getaway

she was a Trampire

inclined to sink fang in anyone w a pulse

and he, a Wary Wolf

–Weary, too–

pulling long hours as a Chewbacca stand-in on Instagram, and moonlighting as a wool-gatherer


it seemed unlikely this Undead &  that Uncombed would ever click

–beyond fatuous likes on socially networked duck pics, at any rate—

so when they chanced to meet

at Witching Hour

–featuring Bloody Mary 2 fer’s, Salty Dogs, and Full Moon Shots–

it was a star-crossed event.

(yes, the Kardashians were there)

An emoji-free, meant-to-be happenstance

(no, no one knows why they’re noteworthy)

during the course of which WWW and the Tramp

shared bar bills, contact info, and ultimately

a pasta dish w miniature meat-shaped balls among tactfully trimmed spaghetti skeins…

a Disney do-over just this side of PG 13,

the Wolf and the Tramp ultimately decided

their shared penchant for

(empty) Coors Light

and trimmed T-bones frilled in silver socks

–not to mention macaroni–

was reason enough to take their

relationship to the next level

–a Carnival Cruise for 2–

replete with

toothsome midnight buffets,

batting cages,

and world-renowned, onboard barbers. . .






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