Climate Change

Prat falling,

& rising again & again

–Rain pours everything into its patter

Weather acapella on dark stage,

or in concert w thunder & lightning

–front row, center–

Rain doesn’t hold back

. . .

from drizzle to


Rain renews

–on the DL for future flowers

–in your face for fresh-washed car, and

d’raining though it is

Rain bows

when its through

sky-written reminder

of nascent bloom

Snow drifts, though

–clingy at first

when you brush snow off,

Snow gives you the cold shoulder


& breath–

chilling all spoken

–Snow permeates

puffs out clouds that snuck inside–

Snow’s got game






& balls

–sometimes, balls–

(when it gives a sleet)


–throws down

Sun’s more industrious

at day’s end

Sun sets-

-up for the morning.

(Croissant moon

w black cosmos)

Sun sweeps stray rays

under cloud rugs,

Sun paints them.

Lines them.

Fluffs them.

Sun fusses over clouds

so much

clouds disappear

–for some quiet time–

when they see Sun coming, &


Sun winks

–as it clocks out

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