The State of Anapamu

If you want readers,

–if you really do–

skip pen & paper,

Like a stone

and kibosh keypunch,

hunt and peck and hunt and peck and

forget every shade of black and white there is, too, or at the very least smudge it–

and hunt and peck and hunt

–a little

employ its outline



–at most, and then

immediately dry erase,

creating some double-duty diversion to redirect–say:

Look over there! Is that (a) well-aimed bookend coming for ya?

as an unconscious reader is

>this close<

to sub-text and


write in color!

High-definition color!

Technicolor…ahh… color!

Code that chrome



pantone those

prose pair a’ graphs


Tem·pur·ify this tittled

text, and

–f*ck ‘em if they call it graffiti, because is it really?

There’s nothing gray about it, and the more true feats involved in an ersatz emoji world–

It’s in Webster’s, now.

–the better.


The more hue·manely–



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