Cost of Living


You spend a life

day by day…

–like coins—

it’s the rate of exchange for experience.

some good,

some bad,

some Jimi Jimi Jimi,

(all backward guitar) and

youth is its currency, and like the young

boy, can you throw that around!

living large and racking up

deferred debt…

on a wing & a promissory note the

bank doesn’t lose like infrastructure

and eventually,

even for the IT generation

—you know,

the one you’re a part of—

youth’s traded in for middle-aged


some fool’s,

some alloy,

some heart-shaped,

and man, it’s better to watch where you invest


calling off all those deferred debt collectors,

and bending over to snatch those

lucky coins miser-like

–back permitting—

but ultimately,

the aged will have its



trailing nothing but dust…

and Peppy, it’s better to quit the game

early on,

some bluff,

some bravado,

some borrowed–

while you still have

some sense

–to leave on the table.




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