Graveyard Jones


death is quiet.

too quiet

–commotion stalls

* pfft *

it’s over–

embalming timer’s


Volatile Tupperware

burping a stay-fresh lie

when even a shotgun bang

isn’t loud enough to seal it in…

a Marching Band,

(since you have to get a move on)

stadium stamp,

and blimp with logo:

“The world is over!”

stenciled on it

air raid sirens, emergency interrupt,

24-hour news coverage,

wouldn’t do it

unless anchormen cried

my best advice?

don’t look over your left shoulder in cemeteries

(for a comfortable place)

the only real magic


is pillaring into salt and

there might be less grass, this time,

mausoleum or marker, too,


and owls no longer asking:


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