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Rainy Monday crushed on TGF

(That Girl Friday)

poured get up and go,

cats and dogs

and sodden checks, too,

into the second day…

(a delightful afternoon)

but log-jammed on Wednesday’s grade.


‘Bristled lightning at the delay

struck hammer blows–

in thunderous, 24/7 drumroll


and Tapped out at sunrise…

(the beginning of the best)

the dawn of indulgence,

a payday unspoken for,

and no real rules at all.

And in this oasis of

pivotal construct,

Monday and Friday


living a life of Saturdays,

that slept an extra hour…

‘Spilled coffee on rumpled sheets,

and crafted reel-to-real memories,

(with glitter and Elmer’s Glue)

‘Spooned weekend-flavored ice-cream

into bottomless bowls,

* erasing headlines *

and red-penning subterfuge…

incidentally creating

a human-interest story

that could run

all week.

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