dancing with veils,

I dropped them




~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~~

~ ~ ~~~



some were ripped away

(inveigled violation)

and some were

trod upon,

(and went missing thereafter)

and some were too thin

(to qualify as veils)

and were mist


and some floated away,

(caught in the tango of divestment)

and some weren’t veils at all, but ephemeral spirit

(disguised ascots)

which I

so vain

didn’t think I needed anymore, until finally

all were spun and sung and flung and to my

sheer amazement

I only then noticed there was nothing of



just a bundle of rags that seemed

threadbare, in the glare

(of spotlights lit too long)

shedding detail, and

sequins, and

~silvered threads~

in tinseled drops.

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