Modern Day Writer

a Modern day Scribe must write.

first and foremost

attending to the guts of a story as if it might never be read,

revealing in great detail the smudges on light bulbs long trashed,

the same smudges to which any handled object is subject,

but few dare own.

Surrendering pride


the Modern Day Writer writes because she knows.

–knows someone has to record accuracies.

Distortions, satires,

and parodies, too–

versing excursions

and lessons only learned in detention,

but accurate.


The Modern Day Muse is possessed.

Scribbling characters.

Characters by word.

Blacked reflections of

experience perceived

–sometimes reactions

rarely redactions–

since the Modern Day Truth Teller is

unconcerned with falderal

such as popularity

–knowing, as she does,

that veracity will endure in a manner

prettiest eyes,


and cleanest ass

–will not.


The Modern Day Poet

aches with every


Bruised by careless rabble

more counterfeit than compliment

(like China)

original thought diluted

by virtue of sleeping heard

Still, the Modern Day Writer wields this pain

as pen–


–all pain, really.

an act that can compound

but might diffuse

often astounding the scribe herself

as it disperses

into all that’s unwritten between lines

–that the best Modern Day Writers include.

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