Modem–Wait for It–Manners

used to be

before PC

another situation,

a ringing phone

was conundrum

awaiting salutation,


you never


on first ring

oh no! since you were busy

not hanging there

in nearby chair,

wondering where is he?


you let it ring

at least 3 times,

then answered slightly breathless…

heartbeat sound

in ear then drowned,

sense from any sentence.


now the deal,

the newest spiel,

is answering an IM…

a text or snap

an fb chat

just when do you reply ’em?


not right away!

o hells no, hey!

who cares if you’re online

online’s fine

but not same time!

you gotta give ’em hangtime,


a Gordian Knot

a true “what’s-what”

when paused to think about it,

like saying “hi”

in real life

when far enough to shout it…

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