Magic 101

when devising incantations,

it’s important to

use a

magic marker

–as scribbling from an ordinary ballpoint

can be a bitch


and mistaken for “to-do’s”

instead of “ta-da’s!”


it’s also advisable

to opt for

Pixie Styx



–when concocting transformative potions–

omitting red dye #5

–and marauding mascots–

they’re a hundred percent less deadly and

empirically more effective,

–if a trifle time-consuming

in the making

(of any significant quantity)


it’s best, too,

to mix

black magic


every color perceptible

(all 96 Crayolas)

–if dabbling in those arts–

allowing for infinite shades

of grey

to out

. . .

–in the event only part

of your charm comes across.


and let’s not forget

the importance

of pulling purely genuine

rabbits from stovepipes

–when such occasions arise–

the stovepipes must needs be ersatz,

–avoiding accidental boiling–

ensuring bunny safety,

and that

your own coif remains intact

–that any hares loosed

are lepus

in genus, not sapien.




crystal balls.

an IRL bane

–easily broken when bluffing–

they are boon to

second site, however

–the site

Google would list just

down from the top

. . .

if Google


in pursuit

of pray.



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