Holy Hitching Post, Batman


the Penguin

married Poppins–

–and Batman: Dracula,

the first was due,

2 shaded views,

the other


impaired by light

the Darkest Knight

went bats for pointed tooth. . .


Wonder Boy

went on to wed

–his Bread–

and what a wedding!

until the toast,

when guests disposed,

of bride with tasteless spreading. . .

(no big surprise)

since super-size

of bride begat baguetting


Mr. Freeze


feline sleaze,

–the woman known as Cat

but pose she struck

was frozen stuck

when ice-man dropped to knees,

a sculpture that–

–graced punch bowl at

the rites of fellow thieves. . .


the Ridd’lah next,

wrote witty text

for vows employed in lieu. . .

but lost his wife

who failed to cipher

words to say: “I do”. . .

no punchline sung,

from twisted tongue,

just teleprompted clues…


yes, Batman and

prime-time brigands

–had lives off TV set–

that packed a punch


(and stunned)

the Joker still on deck.

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