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Teaser Tuesday (Oct. 22)

It’s Teusday and you know what that means. You’ll be misspelling that word all day, but besides that. It’s taco & dollar Guinness night at Carlos Murphy, absolutely, but what else! It’s the eve of Humpday Next? Now you’re cooking with camels, but that still isn’t the focus of this post, and since I’ve just now remembered what that is, I’ll cut short this extended rim shot before my Oldtimer Rhyming habit kicks back in…


...der-de-der...La-la-la…oh hey. You still here? Were we supposed to…? Oh, right. I was posting & postulating now, wasn’t I…Something about….ahh…words to the effect of: There once was a blogger named Tucker…no, no…that doesn’t sound right. Hmmm. * scratches noggin, delicately sampling a fish flake as she wonders * I got it!  It was a riddle. If you wake up early on Toozday, is that the same as waking up 2x as early on another weekday? No, no, that sounds a bit off, too. Huh….let’s deconstruct this, shall we? Let’s work our way backward. Let us Tarantino this, even.


Ahem: Tewsday sounds suspiciously like 2, which reminds me I wanted “to”…ah…right, rite, write. Post 2 random lines from the book I currently read to tempt you into tome-testing yourself. Discovered at Al Forbes luscious shutterbugger spot, and hosted by Miz B of “Should Be Reading”, Teaser Tewesdays is a weekly bookish meme, aka “Tell & Show”, “Skim & Scan”, or “Decipher & Dish”. Depends what language you speak. Simply anyone can play along, too! You don’t even have to spell Touzday accurately, but do try. 😉 Just do the following:

• Grab your current read
• Open to a random page
• Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
• BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
• Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!–

Miz B teaser Teusdays

Since I am deep into at least 2 books presently—one for each eyeball—I’ll go ahead and double down, giving you 2x the bang for your book, and “not spoil” a coupla’ titles. So, go ahead and guess what the titles are…lo, lo, lo…

The Eye Dancers

Michael Fedison is an author of merit

by Michael Fedison

And the sample: “Joe Marma felt like he had just been shot out of a cannon. He surged through the night air, a bullet, a spaceship, a weightless freight train with wings and jet propulsion, and silent inexhaustible engines.”  (Start Chapter 21)

Buy on Amazon

Buy on Smashwords

Meet Mike at his blog!

And Teugh:

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

Paulette Mahurin is a fine author

by Paulette Mahurin

And the sample: “Edra looked at Mildred and smiled. They continued to reminisce, unaware that the next seventy-two hours would bring the news announcing the conviction of Oscar Wilde.”

Buy on Amazon

Youtube interview with Paulette

Meet Paulette on her blog!

All rib-nudging aside, these 2 authors are gifted story-tellers, and altogether bangin’ peeps. Michael is tireless in his thoughtful support of fellow bloggers, a family man of principal, and a heckuva engaging writer, while Paulette crafts a well-turned phrase, as well—taking top honors in this animal lover’s heart by altruistically donating all her proceeds to benefit the Santa Paula No-Kill Animal Shelter. A thanks to Miz B for this fun premise to post, and here’s wishin’ you the best rest of your 2’sday!! At least that “Oneday” is over!!

Karen Robiscoe is a little devil

Click Teaser Twosday to play along!

Big Brother Calls Shotgun

Department of Moving Vehicles?

Every now and then, the news is so blatantly effed I feel a need to address it. No, not “address” like a residence where your yearly, car registration is sent—but address, like talk. Talk about the latest Big Brother stranglehold innovation to come down the pike. Or maybe turnpike is a better term, since the California State Senate approved a bill (SB – 806) this week giving the go ahead to create the first electronic license plate.

Part of a pilot program projected to be completed by 2017, as much as 5 percent of registered vehicles in California could find a boot near the boot this very year. What are the advantages? Extra postage stamps, of course! The DMV claims it would save @ 20 million in revenue spent on sending out car registration renewal by implementing this system, though why they didn’t simply extend the period of a car registration from 1 to 2 years is more mysterious. In my mind, that would have also saved the same amount of ducats and avoided this drastic, costly measure, but then, I’m just an idiot consumer.

The computerized plates are able to receive updates about your car over a mobile, data network in real-time, so the likelihood of witnessing the plates on the driver in front of you flashing: STOLEN or EXPIRED is a pending and very real text message. Goodness knows, computers are infallible just like their programmers (NOT!) but even more worrisome than this instant and possibly incorrect designation, is the GPS device with which all these license plates are outfitted. Sure, my congressman assures me my driving itinerary is of no interest to the government, and will only be readily available to the company producing the plates, but I have trouble believing the slimy so-and-so. Fool me twice, shame on me—you can bet if Big Brother wants to know my whereabouts; or even my “been-abouts”, the company to whom this information is relayed will sell me down the river click-of-a-cursor quick. Flush me out like it was their patriotic doody, and while you might argue that as long as my conduct is above-board there’s nothing to fear, I would argue that our rights are so compromised at this juncture in history as to be wrongs.

It is wrong to use facial recognition video cameras without our knowledge, it is wrong to photograph every corner and intersection of a given town, it is wrong that newborn babies’ DNA is routinely stored, and it is wrong that facebook is in compliance with government in terms of releasing arbitrary records of activities…I could go on and on, but the truth is, no one knows the extent to which we are now a nation under surveillance. The door opened by the Patriot Act is off its hinges. From digital trails in the cyber world, to phone taps, to monitored outings in the real world, I say enough. Enough of your Nosy Parker, we’ll-lock-you-up-and-throw-away-the-key—games. It’s only a matter of time before car thieves target these pricey bumper additions as a bigger pay-out than car stereos, but the ultimate price for losing this game of musical cars is still higher. It’s my business where I go, and my business alone. Selling your car is an option, of course, but what’s next?

better plate

Micro-chipped Nikes?

Gallery III

You’ve all gotten a chance to see my work here at CHARRON’s CHATTER; today I’d like to share another sampling of my late sister’s artwork: Diane Caroline Robiscoe. She could work in many mediums, as evidenced below.

Diane Robiscoe

Diane Robiscoe


Diane Robiscoe

Diane Robiscoe

Watercolor – pointillism technique?

Diane Robiscoe

Diane Robiscoe

Perspective Drawing

Diane Robiscoe

Diane Robiscoe

Glazed clay with design

Diane Robiscoe

Diane Robiscoe


Diane Robiscoe

Diane Robiscoe


Diane Robiscoe

Diane Robiscoe


Diane Robiscoe

Diane Robiscoe


Diane Robiscoe

Diane Robiscoe

Have a great day. To view the flagship Gallery posts, please click: Gallery I and Gallery II

Currently Eventing…

Karen Robiscoe is a current event writerMiss Utah’s swing and a miss…:) Speaking publicly is harder than you think! Especially if you don’t have an opinion on the matter, and while the beauty might not have won Miss USA, she certainly roped the prize for: Miss Tongue-Tied. To read my article about the difficulties of public oration over on Yahoo Voices, click:

And the Winner Is: Self Confidence!

Watching TV isn’t always a waste of time. Within the comedic antics, adventures & capers of seven unlikely castaways on a deserted, tropical island, Gilligan’s Island imparted valuable life lessons that insured smooth sailing on the mainland, too. To read my article about it on Yahoo voices, click:Karen Robiscoe writes humorous fiction

The Guru Gilligan: Lessons I Learned from Skipper’s Little Buddy



Recently I interviewed with Cristian Milhai over at his place, and thought I would run the post here–kind of like a rerun of a good TV show. Hope you get a kick out of the direction I took with it. 🙂

I’m breaking with my usual area of focus today, interesting blog posts, to review the work of Karen Robiscoe, an avid blogger and author I’ve come to know through the WordPress Blog-o-sphere. I’ve been impressed by her style and diversity since happening upon her blog: CHARRON’s CHATTER, so much so I invited her to guest blog at my site today. *looks worriedly toward crashing sounds emanating from the kitchen*

Karen Robiscoe is a fiction writer of merit

Of course, no one was more surprised than me to find the lady on my doorstep this morning, but I have to admire her get-up-and-go. She certainly got up and went *winces at the sound of shattering glass * and who knew she even had a passport?  (Note to self: privatize address) It seems Karen interpreted the invitation to guest blog with me quite literally, traveling all the way to Romania to do so, but I suppose that’s a hazard of interviewing the literary minded, at least if you interpret the root of that word liberally. *cranes head nervously toward sound of suddenly barking dog* So, without further ado, let’s meet the lady now!

Karen Robiscoe is available for copy editing

Cristian: Welcome, Karen, welcome. How was the flight?

Karen: Fancy.  *sits on couch, and pummels cushions enthusiastically* And a little long. We circled the runway for hours!

Cristian: Blame Twilight for that. Part of the reason I invited you to visit virtually.

Karen: Two bags of peanuts., though.

Cristian: Jet lag is the worst.

Karen: It certainly is. Especially if you use frequent flyer miles. Do you know they actually seat passengers in the cargo area now?

Cristian: *points to splintered frames askew on a fluffed cushion* Are those my glasses?

Karen: I got all kinds of cozy with a giraffe. That’s probably what’s riling your dog.

Cristian: I don’t have a dog.

Karen: You do now. Where’s your guest room?

Cristian: I don’t really have one.

Karen: You don’t mind couching it then, do you? *pounds cushions again, completely shattering frames* I have a bad back.

Cristian: You’re getting off topic. I invited you here to discuss writing.

Karen: Writing? You want to talk about writing? I thought you said: biking.

Cristian: I want to discuss your blog and pending book release.

Karen: And after all that trouble I went to ship my unicycle. *sighs dramatically*

Cristian: Tell me, Karen, while I still have patience—and readers. What kind of writing do you feature at your blog CHARRON’s CHATTER?

Karen: The pixelated kind, mostly. Are you sure we’re not biking? I noticed some really excellent trails on the way here. Right after I stopped to gather these wild mushrooms. *reaches in bag, and produces some suspicious looking fungus* Want some?

Cristian: I’ll pass, thanks. So you’d characterize your writing by dots per inch?

Karen: Uh-huh. Except for the Post-Its. I get crazy heavy-handed with Post-its. I use yards of the things. I’ve been known to write entire novellas on Post-Its.

Cristian: Speaking of novellas. You have an actual novel pending publication, don’t you? An urban fantasy titled: SPIRITED REMIX?

Karen: I do indeed. It details the adventures of a disenfranchised Spirit seeking posthumous redemption.

Cristian: Sounds interesting.

Karen: It is. The guest appearances by Carlin, Hendrix and Einstein help.

Cristian: Definitely an unlikely combination. When will SPIRITED REMIX be released?

Karen: Your guess is as good as mine. Say, what is this stuff?  *grimacing as she finishes the last crumb of Cristian’s breakfast*

Cristian: An Egg McMuffin.

Karen: It tastes so exotic!  So delicate and flaky!

Cristian: That’s the paper wrapper, Karen. *exasperated, and hungry now* And we’re going to have to wrap this up.

Karen: That’s okay. I have a yen to write some poetry just now anyway. Something with teeth! Fangs, possibly…

Cristian: To feature on your blog?

Karen: No. I posted a Non-Tucket before I left, and I like to switch it up. I’ll post the poem after I feature an op-ed about current events.

Cristian: You mean those clever ,rhyming riddles you write?

Karen: Only if the news is funny.

Cristian: I meant the ‘Non-Tuckets’. Where did you come up with that term, anyway?

Karen: On my keyboard.

Cristian: Yes, but what does it reference?

Karen: Oh, any number of things, as long as it rhymes. It’s versatile like that.

Cristian: You write idiom-based poetry, too. Would you classify that as a Non-Tucket?

Karen: A rose by another name, eh Cristian? *Karen buries her nose in dish of dried flakes* Mmm, so fragrant. Is this pot pourri indigenous to the area?

Cristian: Those are corn flakes, Karen.  Anything else you’d like to add before we close?

Karen: Bananas?

Cristian: Well, readers, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little get together with Karen as much as I have.

Karen: Can I borrow your car?

Cristian: You can keep up with the author at website: CHARRON’s CHATTER, featuring poetry and philosophies, one-liners, fictions, riddles and more, or better yet, simply ask her for an interview. Please!

So there it was there then. Hope you enjoyed…it was sure fun to write. 🙂

Santa Barbara Fire 5:30 Pac Time

Santa Barbara Fire 5:30 Pac Time

san marcos preserve_1

san marcos preserve

road closed

Highway 154 closed

Pictures taken from San Marcos preserve, a fire started in the camping area of White Rock off Paradise Road in “Red Rock”, part of the Sierra Madre mountains…Winds are gusting at 25 mph…

6:30 5/27–fire has burned 700 acres, but is still contained to back country. Fire fighters are cutting lines, trying to keep it on Santa Ynez side of Paradise Road, so it doesn’t climb the mountains and head for the coast. 75 residents evacuated so far. Horses can be taken to Earl Warren Showgrounds. Wake Center at Turnpike is evac center.

8 am 5/28- burned 1800 acres, 10% contained. 2 vehicles, one ranger structure damaged, no injuries GBY.

 RV’er at campground witnessed dumping hot coals in dry grass. Think of the forest…Run, Forest Run!! And I DO mean the animals…

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