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Big Sky Byline

Same pep talk–different paper. The articles in the Madisonian (of MT fame) are also rans in the West Yellowstone Star. Here are links to that publication, and if you’re wondering why the fascination with Montana in general, I confess it’s where I spent my formative years. My Play-do years, when I was young and squishy…

Thanks for clicking over, if you do, and remember. Clicking is the easiest rep of all!



                 Fit At Fifty                                                          Stop Repeating Yourself

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Big Sky Bulletin

Hey-lo, blog-O-peeps. Below I wanted to share links to a coupla’ newspaper articles appearing in the Madisonian–a West Montana newspaper. Under the byline: Fitness Front–as here, in Cally–I write about (get this) fitness related stuff! I don’t know if I never mentioned (see that double negative, and raise ya’ 2) but I am also a certified fitness trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Beyond being a temperamental bit…of sunshine.

H-e-n-n-y-way. Kind of egg-citing to me, but omelette you decide. Click over to read or print out for any digital bird cages. Thanks for your s’port. 🙂

                  Fit After Fifty                                             Stop Repeating Yourself

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