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Extra Text…Rah!!

Just an “I’m thrilled” post particular to the Santa Barbara community. My very first newspaper article (hardcopy) has been published!! In the Mesa Paper which you can pick up on the–you guessed it–Mesa!! Titled: Fit Bit (I think) it’s an article about getting clothes in your size…pshaw! NOT! It is an article about physical fitness since I earned a certification as a fitness instructor last December through NCAA accredited National Academy of Sports Medicine. It means I can say: “gloots” and “abzzzz” with a certain authority and flair lay (about) people can’t. Money well spent!!


Anyway. I am…how you say?…on cloud 9. Doing reps, to reach Cloud 10, I hope the local peeps that read this blog go and pick one up, and possibly frame the article in a tastefully matted frame. And while I jest–it’s my nature–I am really, really, really…hum, did I mention REALLY?…as pleased as a punchy headline.

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