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Publishing Prose…

It’s been a good month for getting my author on. (did I really just type that…?) Gee-yawd. What I meant was: it’s been a good month for getting on my author. There. Don’t want to split infinitives, you know. My short fiction: Silent Night has been included in KY Story’s recent anthology: Scary Story, and it is. A freaky, little, Yuletide tale drawn from reality & that other place I go when reality is too much. Yes, I have a second home at that other place, and a breakfast sandwich named after me at the local cafe, but it’s good to have roots, and so planted am happy to extend the heartiest, Hitchcockian welcome from the base of creaking stairs. Asking you to come help me investigate what that strange sound in the basement was. So what  if it’s midnight, no one’s home, and pizza slices keep disappearing? If a phone breather has called repeatedly without telemarketing? Or even if your profile photo on facebook looks suspiciously like a  silhouette, because I’m generalizing about the anthology’s contents, of course—being ever mindful of the spoiler caveat—but the cobwebs are real.

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

And not just wholly mine, several other skilled authors spin their webs of intrigue in this collection of hair-raisers, so what’re you waiting for? Skip the shower, and head on over! (I hear it doesn’t end well, anyway…)

Available in paperback at Amazon & Create Space:

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Last Dawn–Katherine McMullen
Paradise, Lost–Kate Raynes
Fire of Faith–Cynthia Morrison
The Path of Dead Roses– Samantha Frazier Gordon
Christmas Story: Silent Night– Karen Robiscoe
The Wrinkled Duplex Halfway Up the Hill–Roger Leatherwood

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