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Santa Barbara’s Harbor & Seafood Festival 2013


Marina M-a-a-d-n-e-s-s

Summer is a repeat customer here in Cally, no doubt because it likes the beach, and in the course of its extended stay, has been ordering up drops of golden sun for the whole of September, stretching its solar limits alla way into October. As welcome & fresh as the day it came–unlike say, relatives or fish. Or even the fishy relatives you’re about to meet! Click below to cast off at SB’s virtual docks, where the halibut is digitized, but the festival celebrating Nemo is also digitized! (see what I did there…? How I pulled the ole switcheroo? You thought I was gonna → →, but then I → ← whoop! and…:) Anyway. Join me in on this pixelated promenade, grabbing an incidental tan that’s sure to leave your derma creased with smiles!!

The picture below is how I cropped & loaded the hands-on, shark pool into my movie editor, but alas and alack…a lack of videe knowhow left my frownie commentary out in the ether. I don’t think a petting pool was necessary in this chaotic atmosphere, safe for any species involved, and for what little enjoyment it added for the kids, it added oceans more misery for these solitary animals. Isn’t it enough we eat them & trap them in marine “parks”?

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

(Jumps off iffy soapbox) Moving on, let’s wrap up this sardine-packed post—I’m talking people here, peeps, because woo, Nellie! crowded as a tin!—on a more harmonious note. Click below to jam with FIsh & the Seaweeds, a totally rockin’, anti-beach, beach band based out of San Diego.


Time for me to grab some grub! Peaceful Sunday to you all. 🙂


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