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Santa Barbara Protests Big Oil

stand in the sand

A crowd of more than 500 gathers at De La Guerra Plaza, including our mayor, the Sierra Club, and…



On the march to West Beach. We block several streets in progress, with police protection ascertaining our safety.

beau monde

Inspiring speeches, mantras, drums, and a mock-up pipeline embellish the message: END BIG OIL NOW!

Paulina and me_1

 Activist Paulina and myself at West Beach…

water protest_perspective

 the protesters arrive by paddleboard…


it’s no fluke so many turned out…


just ask our mayor: Helene Schneider…

brown is black

Time for our governor Jerry Brown to get on board! Senator Mike McGuire is saving him a spot…Bill SB788 stands to close the loophole that would allow oil drilling in state waters–a euphemism, really, since these spots are as close as Point Conception & the Gaviota Coast.

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