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Fighting to Free Blackfish

During the first hearing held Tuesday 4/8 in Sacramento concerning bill AB2140—a bill that would outlaw the importation, captivity and breeding of killer whales–Dem Richard Bloom of Santa Monica agreed to “revisit” his proposal for further study. As a result of Bloom’s acquiescence, the bill is dead in the water until additional hearings are held in 2015. A blow to animal advocates everywhere, but not an insurmountable one. As bill sponsor and AWI scientist Naomi Rose herself said, the long game may yet be won.

Sae World is a fucking evil coorporation

Inspired by the controversial movie Blackfish; a film released through both Sundance Film Festival and CNN, the bill argues that such captivity is more than inhumane to the highly intelligent mammals, it’s a breeding grounds for aggressive behavior, as well—directly resulting in death and bodily injury to trainers at their various marine parks nationwide. (most notably: the 2010 death of Dawn Brahcheau, a trainer killed during a killer whale show at Sea World Orlando)

Sea World regards the postponement as a huge victory, but guess what mega-corporation: we live in a world where we can be proactive about legislation, and not just be legislated. We can influence what laws are made. The incidence of the bill alone is proof of that, being the end product of a petition signed by over 1.2 million concerned citizens. Delivered to the Assembly on Monday morning by schoolchildren who had themselves successfully protested an overnight field-trip to Sea World, the petition shows just how wide a reach social networking has opened up to the public.

Sea World isn’t taking the assault to their finances lightly. Recent tax filings show a dip in attendance since the film debuted. They’ve launched an epic PR campaign against Blackfish, including a website that counters the film’s merits, critical Tweets, and full-page newspaper ads. Eh, methinks that bloated whale of a cash cow protests too much.

But we can’t. We can and must protest this abomination to God’s creatures. To stay idle is to condone—so do not be idle! Stay informed. Stay in touch. Stay incensed. Don’t let time lull you into forgetting what’s at stake here. The immutable laws of nature have been muted.

Let’s hear the whale song again.

Bidding adieu as it dopplers into the depths where these animals belong. Free in their world, as God intended. Write democratic, assembly member: Richard Bloom. Tell him he must stand strong. Send the Blackfish back to the sea.


Richard Bloom Contact Info:

Capitol Office:
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0050
Tel: (916) 319-2050
Fax: (916) 319-2150

District Office:
2800 28th Street, Suite 150
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Tel: (310) 450-0041
Fax: (310) 450-6090


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a Whale’s Wail

1024px-Blackfish_documentaryI saw the movie Blackfish the other night, and man it was hard to watch. Tears streamed down my face from the get go–every bit as salty as the sea wherefrom the killer whales showcased in this documentary are harvested by Sea World. Commissioned by the mega-marine-park corporation, rogue fishermen herd killer whales into coves by use of speed boats, bombs & nets, drop open ocean barriers into place, and then net the baby killer whales—the babies!!—as so much future revenue for Sea World. Whales die in the process—and it’s illegal, or has been made illegal as a direct counter tactic in many places—but they do it, anyway. Once freed, the pods of mommas and poppas—aka devastated families—stay for the duration in the vicinity, calling to their babies in the most heart wrenching songs of distress, as their progeny is kidnapped, and toted away like cargo.

 © Dr Michel Royon / Wikimedia Commons

© Dr Michel Royon / Wikimedia Commons

This movie documents the plight of killer whales kept in captivity as related to trainer deaths at Sea World, and as a person that once worked as a tour guide at the San Diego Sea World, I can tell you the smoke-screens this corporation blows are even more substantial than their nets. I was absolutely instructed to keep an eye out for “dolphin molesters” at the petting pool (I’ll leave you to guess what that is) to say that dorsal fin collapse is entirely natural in killer whales (it isn’t) that animals were simply engaging in “social behavior” when they were patently fighting or having sex (the walruses all the time) and absolutely no animals ever died at Sea World (except they do, and far sooner than their naturally habituated counterparts) they were sent to “our Ohio park.” That, and a host of other half-truths so substantial I took notes.

Karen Robiscoe dba shenanigans

actual notes I made and studied for this gig

Because the actual truth didn’t bear scrutiny then, and it doesn’t now. Marine “parks” are barbaric to the animals imprisoned there, worse still than Zoo cages & circus rings combined, and an abomination our species must cease to support in all ways. Confining naturally far-ranging, animals to bathtubs, and a life of imprisoned servitude is as great a moral desecration as the gestational crates for factory farmed sows, the veal crates for factory farmed baby cows, or the killing and caging of people in wartime—and perhaps worse.

Sea World is a fucking evil coorporation

How it’s supposed to be…

Worse because these amazing marine mammals have a more highly developed limbic system than ours. A limbic system is the area of the brain that regulates emotions. Let’s make this even easier to understand. You know how cats lack the necessary cones in their eyeballs to see more than shades of greens and blues when they look at the world, whereas human physiology is such we’re able to see a much broader spectrum of colors that includes a multi-colored rainbow? Like that. We can only feel blue and green, but these animals are feeling a spectrum of emotions the nature of which we lesser developed beings can only imagine.

So in effect, we are caging God.

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons; User:Zaui

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons; User:Zaui

For 3 shows a day, and a bucket of mackerel…

how it should be...

how it should be…

A whale in captivity will die a full 50 years sooner than his/her wild brethren. Watch the movie and be convinced that these “parks” are anything but a park.

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