Her Himmies

My Himmies

–more Herries—

are family

though furry


The dame

was Cielo

we hired

the fellow

big_ready, steady....awe!!!

The 3

in this snap

came from

those cats


Look at those whiskers

Check out  those paws!

These buckets of fluff

are well worth applause.


huey_full shot

And now some years later

It’s dwindled to two

The others live on

inside me—they do!




A big SO to JK Bevill of Lost Creek Publishing, for the nudge to post these pics of my sweet girls; Baby Huey (yes…she’s a girl) is on the left, and Dharma–better known as Dar-Dar–is on the right. When it came time for Mama Cielo to give birth, she didn’t know what to do, so I actually rubbed their little bellies to make them breathe–removing the membrane and everything. All at 4 in the morning, of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way; I’ve never had pets I love as much as these buckets of fuzz, fluff & love! I hope you all agree these are the best kitties ever.


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21 Responses to “Her Himmies”

  1. Awww….so cute…

  2. I also have one like this, it is a blue point himalayan. Nice pictures

  3. Awww…you have such cute kitties…:)

  4. Haha! Fun words and cute cats 🙂

  5. Lost Creek Publishing January 9, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    Absolutely Beautiful! Especially those three kittens with the wide eyes!

    • Those are: Dar, Huey and Gumdrops when they were babies. I gave Gumdops to a friend–a decision I have never ceased to regret, and a huge lesson learned. They are sweet as all get out all right…hehe. My furry little burgers…

  6. Oh Cally, you just love them all puffy! First the chicken. Now this.
    They look quite awesome for cats. Some mystical noble expression they got on their faces.
    Really cool thing you did being the midwife. Hehehehe.

    • it was something, I tell you, Chris…and your acknowledgment has me beaming with pleasure. Prolly one of my better moments, you know? They are like my furry daughters for real…here come’a the cat emoticon…>^^< (!)

  7. What cuties!! Oh my god )) I loove cats!

  8. Such a beautiful, touching post. 🙂

  9. Oh the adorable fur balls!!! Our cat Truman (he was presidential) was colored like this. Oh I miss him…….

  10. Stunning beauties! They have such intelligent eyes too. Your words snap, crackle and roar down the page. Brilliant.

    • I have one of these beauties in my Inbox right now. Her Inbox…she is my Mews…my furry daughter, and all the best. Lita you are tonic to the tortured artist soul, and there should be a parade in your honor. I will be a float–because I so uplifted! Thank you from the depths of my spirit.

      so sincerely. K

    • I quite like the idea of a parade! I love carnival and colour and festivals!! Karen you’re a complete Artist – I know it’s par for the course at times but don’t be too tortured coz your work is already gift boxed and good to go – the sparkle and joy is all there! Reminds me of that moment in Wizard of Oz where Dorothy figures she didn’t need the red shoes after all (I’m simplifying a great plot there I know). Enjoy your talent because for sure so many others take joy from your work!

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