The January Jellies

The holidays are over all right, but it seems they’ve left something behind. An extra bun or 2 on my behind, and while I’m as big a fan as any of “junk in the trunk”, at a bird-boned 5’7, that junk just don’t fit.

junk in trunk

No recourse but to get fit, and to that end I’m rolling out the yoga mat here at CHARRON’s CHATTER. The Advil & Ace bandages, too, ’cause this summer chicken is heading back to the gym, and since I know such an endeavor is undoubtedly on your to-do list, too, I’m inviting you to join my venture virtually. That’s right! I’ve got coupons, so it’s all about gym review/armchair warrior style!

versatile lifter

Beyond the discount book & seasonal flab,, it’s people energy that impels me to visit not one, but several of the modern-day torture chambers in my Goldilocks effort to find one that’s “just right”. One with “skinny” mirrors & “light” scales & “cute” guys, and if you want to know whether this Gem of a Gym proves to be local, national, or purely fictitious, you’ll just have to lace up daily. Or bi-weekly. At the very least, monthly, as I’ll be posting reviews in one of those 3 time frames, contingent on follow through. (wink-wink, and hit the snooze button already)


My coupon clipper showcases 6 different gym specials, and since each facility features a different area of focus or amenity, I plan to hit, lift, jump, pump or run at all six of ‘em. Regulations permitting, I’ll even embellish my reviews with ridiculous pictures of myself sweating to the Oldies…Trying everything from rock-climbing at the Santa Barbara Rock Gym, to swimming & steaming at Goleta Valley Athletic, to a spectrum of exercise classes offered by the aptly named: Spectrum gym. The gym I’ve picked to begin…again.

golds gym

Spectrum née Gold’s gym is my former go-to workout emporium, and as such, remains nearest and dearest my heart. My physical location, too, and at this stage of the January Jellies, easy Axxess is no small consideration. Join me early next week to read a few words to the wise, when my review covering this weekend’s excursion to Spectrum will post.


Featuring discounts from: Spectrum, GVAC, CrossFit, SB Rock Gym, Yasa & Montecito Yoga(s).

Now let’s get physical!

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5 Responses to “The January Jellies”

  1. Can you tell how behind I am on my blogging?!? *laughs* I saved this post in my inbox because it’s right up my alley. I gained about ten pounds during the holidays. Too many goodies, too much drink and not nearly enough treadmilling to keep it at bay. *sigh* In early January I climbed back on the scale to find out the terrible truth. I’ve been on that treadmill ever since. I’ve gone from 188 back to 181,and I’m not slowing down until I get back to 176 or so. However, that’s yet another reason I’m behind in my social networking. I get home at about 3 pm, spend 60-90 minutes removing 800-1000 calories from my midsection, clean up, fire up the laptop, clear e-mails and attend to the tasks of the day and then try and get a little writing in. Dinner’s in there somewhere, along with the cleanup. Soon it’s 8 pm and the specter of my 3 am alarm and my 11 hour work day drives me to bed.
    You can count on me to be exercising right along with ya’. I could do without the cute guys, however. 😉


    • It seems I could, too * sighs * winks, laughs…I went today and was not so surrounded by them, but I did get in a great workout, and am planning on hitting a class tomorrow in the a.m. I did a BMI and my fat is 17% so I am prolly a lil under the target percentage of 23%, but I want to gets me some abs of steel to match the rest of the set * ROFLSHTRD!! *

      You sound like you have a full day, Jimmy!

    • Lol! Sadly, my days are. I’ve been glued to this laptop all day. I awoke at 7 am, cleaned up and parked myself here by 8 am. I wrote until about noon and have been catching up on my blogging and social networking ever since. This evening we celebrate my youngest’s 15th birthday, so I promise I will get up at some point. *grins* Back on the treadmill tomorrow for sure.

  2. Nice job convincing the rest of us how to enjoy the torture within these temples of pain. I do agree with your strategy, try to make exercise “fun” by mixing it up. Rock climbing and spinning classes seem to be calling out to me. Or I could just blog about it, lol. Oh well, time to pay the piper and get exercising! 😀

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