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Well what a weekend. As promo’ed, I descended on Spectrum gym like a lithe leprechaun in search of workout gold, and since this gym did business as Gold’s gym for so many moons—and I did so many moons of exercise there–it wasn’t surprising to find a few nuggets of Golden Gluts Goodness left for me to mine.

pull up

It all started with a trek up Machu Picchu. At least that’s what I dubbed the extreme Stairmasters that have upstaged—or upstaired—their clunky brethren of yore in Spectrum’s spacious & varied cardio area.

Stairway to...? You decide!

Stairway to: /————-/ fill in the blank!

I own such a stepper, so I know whereof I speak. These newer versions of elliptical hell spanked their bro’s soundly. Bro code notwithstanding, and all if, ands & butts about it.

interesting native dress

interesting native dress

By virtue of escalator type stairs rather than foot pedals, the machine compelled me to pick up each foot completely from the steps as they cascaded toward me at a pre-determined rate. As if that helped. It was a lot different than the see-sawing motion I usually adopt on Stairmasters, a mutation of intended muscle movement that was absolutely off the table with these rolling bad boys.

Have a nice trip? See you next fall!

Am I there yet!?


Wikimedia Commons: Macchu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Cusco in Peru, Martin St-Amant (S23678)

And while this chicken trip-trip-tripped on them as often as Billy Goat Scuff on Saturday, by Sunday I was an old hand. An old foot, I suppose, though no nearer the Mayans fabled ruins than the day before, and while I’d fully intended to catch a class—if one had been running nearby—I ended up free-styling my visits as was my previous wont.

these look familiar...

these look familiar…

Note the nominal weight...

Note the nominal weight…

Plenty of class-purtunities tomorrow, or at GVAC, the gym I’ll visit next weekend (and by next weekend I mean thereabouts) so I felt none too guilty about focusing on weight training and Nautilus machines for the balance of both these trips. Mainly because employing the refrigerator door as a way to work my lateral obliques isn’t optimum, and besides. Even with the icebox option, I have no “ab rippers” or “butt pulverizers” or “thigh-po-section suctionators” like Spectrum featured. Why, they even had a machine that measured my weight and BMI in alien caloric units. Just look!

BMI use copy

I’m a virtual waif! A stiff breeze would knock me over with a feather, but not my determination. You can’t measure that in pounds, and if you want to keep losing a few of yours, keep an eye out—and an arm curled—for the next installment in the Gym-a-palooza series. It’s listed as a sub-cat of the Santa Barbara Beautiful category. Until then, I advise you to ice it, wrap it, put it up, & stay off of it.

Spectrum Amenities: Spacious locker rooms, walk-in showers/rainstorms, full toiletries & sauna, complimentary pots of gold, lounge area, child-care, pixie dust & muscle building supplements, private trainers, leprechauns & full range of aerobic, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, tulip tippy-toeing, Zumba & spinning classes. Nautilus and cardio machines as noted above, though no Rainbow Bridge.

Spectrum Locations (SB)

3908 State St
Santa Barbara
(805) 563-8700

21 W Carrillo St
Santa Barbara
(805) 965-0999


Spectrum 3 Day Guest Pass



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12 Responses to “Gym Dandy”

  1. Awesome! Inspiration through perspiration… 🙂 I am getting to your comment and would like to say thank you for the insight and the constructive response you left me. I did a few alterations and will share a copy of the end result with you. Tuesday is the day and with your words of wisdom shared I am going to win… That and I have perspired as well yet not as much as you! 🙂 keep sharing and keep us smiling! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I am so glad to hear. I was hoping I didn’t offend…and you were so very close to straight tercets..I can’t wait to see the new take on it all! Be sure to drop a link to me when you’re ready, and thank you for the really nice remark. I earned this blog post a little more than most! Also, if you should notice something with your artist’s eye that might improve anything I present, I am interested to hear, too. It’s good to expand into objectivity, though sometimes hard, and the end result is always better. 🙂 So I guess you could say, I am for change, too!

  2. Look at you, getting all buff and stuff! Good for you, hon! Oh and I just love your long hair – beautiful!

    • I figured follow through on the January Jellies was doubtful, unless I got right to it. I am one sore Blogger this morning, I tell you! Typing out an award post, Gargie Girl!!

      And just to reiterate–that last write of yours was top notch. It should be a song! 🙂

      And thank you, X. We gals luvs our compliments…:) I always say my hair is the last remaining vanity I have, hehe(h)…I like the extra H. An inspiring week to you, m’ dear!

    • As usual I am laughing at your comment and also nodding – you have that wonderful way about you! Have a good night xx

    • Good grooming is key..;) You too, Christy Girl!

  3. JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing January 29, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    I didn’t see you doing any pull-ups!

  4. JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing January 30, 2013 at 5:20 am

    I went to yoga class Monday. While I was waiting for the entire group to show up I used a tree limb for pull-ups. Our yoga instructor gave it a try and did very well.

    • I did 3. That pik truly was the second go of it…though I do not believe I made it all the way up on that one shot.I did LOTS of triceps and bicep thingees, though, and aim to do far better.

      I’m going to 2 yoga gyms during this series…you’ll have to give me tips, and how many pull-ups did you do?

  5. Thanks for the workout tour! The Fat-A-Lator printout’s hilarious, what’s a standard body type? Sounds like a public school committee got involved with this test, hehe.
    If they really want to motivate, its should read – BODY TYPE: Drop-dead Goddess Gorgeous I’m to Sexy for this Test! NEXT!
    And whatsup with the FAT MASS?! Can anyone say ewww… Seriously?
    Looking forward to your next workout, vicariously – I’m armchairing this one, Karen you look great BTW! 😉

    • The fat mass was the interesting number to me. Optimum for my run-of-the-mill (apparently!) body type, is 23%–and falling at 17% I am a little below, but not too much. Fat ratio is important to know, because a person can easily be within the correct poundage parameters, but have too high a fat ratio, rendering their viscera in danger. (the fat taxing the operation of all organs, however it goes.) From fatty, arterial plaque build-up in the heart area & its related extra effort to pump blood around, to the liver having to process too many lipo-proteins…it’s just not good. )

      I am going to get a 6 pack! Then a pony keg..haha…thank you, Maddy. From a beauty like you, it means a lot! 🙂

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