Puppy Bowl IX

I’m certain our red, white and NFL nation is well aware of the gridiron fun in the forecast , but there’s another game slated to kick-off this coming Sunday. A game where the players prefer water bowls to bottles, and burying their bones instead of making them. It’s time for the IX Puppy Bowl!

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That’s right. Whoever it is that lets dogs out, does, and this Sunday shelter puppies from all over America will be out in force. Or in teams, I suppose, tugging at our hearts & each other’s football jerseys, since the Puppy Bowl mimics the Super Bowl—at least on the surface. The stakes for this game are far higher than spreads or bets or even player injury.

Sure, there are batches of adorable pups playing inside an even cuter model stadium—Ladies, think: Barbie’s Dream House meets Snoopy’s Doghouse—and the commentators are putting on their Madden Dog, but all the puppies are potential winners, since the football field is also a platform. A platform that broadcasts information to fans as to how these shelter dogs can be adopted.

And adopted they are. Shelters across the United States have seen spikes in adoptions after the five previous Puppy Bowls, and it isn’t surprising. The show is the second most watched show in America, according to Nielsens, and you can add to those stats by tuning in this Sunday, February 3rd.

Animal Planet will be running and re-running the fun all day Sunday, though its initial airing will be from 3 to 5 pm. So put a paw-print on your calendar, and a collar around your little finger, because these furry athletes are depending on you. Besides, you wouldn’t want to miss the Kitty Half-Time Show, now would you, or even the hamster-piloted blimp.

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9 Responses to “Puppy Bowl IX”

  1. What a great thing, I am sharing this in my tweeter, you never know . I have a Yorkie, he has his story, and I love him don’t have a jersey for him but he loves to be outside. Thanks for posting.

  2. What a great cause. Our Jack was a “pound puppy” you couldn’t get a better dog anywhere, ever. : )

  3. What a heart warming idea, the Kitty Cup is next! Meow & Bow Wows to you Caren. 😀

  4. I don’t have a dog but my
    cat loved this posting 🙂 🙂

    So do I my friend…


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