So many places for me

these days

so many faces…

So many close-ups

and sketchy sketches of


but nowhere to say I’m scared

lonely unsure sad and oh so


how I really feel

Not enough emoticons or something

Can I post it here?

framed as rhetoric

as essay

or poem

with Lifesaver wrapper

and lemon drop moves

with peppermint bark boats

impugning puns

and double-dipped candy coat..?

Better not. Don’t want to set a tone, you know

“see the tone—be the tone”

and nerve-hitting inflection is invariably monotone

its over sweetened bitterness

like day old coffee with too much sweet-n-low

What about facebook?


can I Post it to every network there is…?

a meme miming maim

a leper leaning lame

(different but the same)

clever slogans, all…

dontcha think?

What do you think?

Comment, please


Tell me where it’s safe to say

I’m drowning.

Should I add it to a recipe

take pictures of waterfalling guts

and heart beating high-speed?

a cup of this

a pint of that

a bit of temporally modified allowance, please

since RDA doesn’t cut it.

It can’t fortify a

soul trapped in limbo

‘can’t even scrape the top

’cause facades—like meringue–depend

on toothpick scaffolding

on timing

on cellophane

and the right camera angle, besides.

Where do you suppose I

scream, then?

(in color, of course)


(but of course in color)

in purple and yellow headlines?

not Laker purple

but People Eater Purple

and thoughtful Yellow…

projectile spew

that’s beyond  bloodless verse



and team colors

since there is—in fact nowhere

nowhere age appropriate

to scream virtually

(the roller coaster is silent)

no armor sufficient to withstand the depths

of human depravity

and it is deep

so deep I need to pluck out every eye there is

and I still can’t Un-see it.

Can’t Un-know it.

Honesty hides

and Truth cowers,

mainstream as soul-robbing

as Special Interest.

Well, so much for fiery clipart

and to hell with ALL CAPS, too.

I’ll take the round-trip bridge

I’ll circle back in dog-wagging tales

there’s no toll at’all that way

No palpable toll, at least…

In genres and versions,

editions and takes,

Rebussed fortunes







©Karen Robiscoe

About Charron's Chatter

I bring to you an arrow, whole, Use it, or break it, But if you choose to take it --Know-- With it also, I will go. © Karen Robiscoe @1992

25 Responses to “DIY”

  1. Great poem! Thanks for letting us in on your secret power, I’d have never thought you could transform yourself into an anime character! It must lead to some interesting adventures… 😉

    • She goes down the rabbit hole…an animation in a coal mine…;)

      Nice to see you, Marty! Hope your week is shaping up–mine seems to have a case of the Mondays, already, but I am hoping it is only a 24 hour thing…;)

  2. Wish I could DIY like that 🙂

  3. And I hope that when you feel like you’re drowning, you know that someone is going to be there to make sure you don’t go under…

    • Mimi…I do. I feel like I have “met” some really wonderful, creative, sensitive fine people here on our WP, and I look for them–and care for them–even more than my 3D friends…<<was that an ess? :Lose the ess!!

      I worked on this verse for about 5 days…a long ole time for me…and prolly the most fundamental part is the strike-thru. Now to go find some water wings…'cause sometimes, you can't get out of flow, but have to go with it…

  4. I love this line:

    Don’t want to set a tone, you know

    “see the tone—be the tone”

    and nerve-hitting inflection is invariably monotone

    The thought of the social-networks has been an addiction for so many to post a lot of stupidity in which, everyone want to be popular and loved by all.

    You have poked fun of all this idiots who think that posting a meme will hit them to have hits of friends. Bullshit! They’re funny but what are they doing with their lives?

    I might have misinterpreted your poem here…but I love your style and the way you craft these into perspectives. 🙂

    • Charlie…you did not! Misinterpret…I might have been a little inspired by your recent works. You are so unrelentingly true to yourself, I was tempted to shuck the white gloves, myself…or at least dirty ’em up a bit. Also, a great way to say how I really feel.

      I cherish this remark!! (not bad, because cherishing generally takes a while…)

      My bridge seems wider…

    • wow! Thank you…

      You definitely did embrace a lot in this poem. You have always kept true to your vision of works and styles of all kinds. Which is why I like your mind. 🙂

      Say, I just posted a new blog. Check it out…you will flip out! 🙂

    • ‘kay…on my way over! (door slams, sound of retreating footsteps…)

  5. as long as you can float, it doesnt mater how deep the water is. keep smiling. you certainly have a gift . thanks for sharing your thoughts in such wonderful ways. i wish i could express myself like you but alas, i am too chicken.

  6. Hi Charron,
    I like your poem and the gif is so funny!
    Thanks for your support.
    I never comment here but I appreciate.

  7. I don’t know what DIY means, but I liked ~~ “Honesty hides

    and Truth cowers, . . .”

  8. I thought it may have been ~~ Death in Yankeeland.


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