Associating Randoms



Just remember: if fighting the hands of time, the hour hand is the ringer…packing the most punch.


Snapshot of Synapses:

Oh…<<is “H” superfluous

well…<<deep subjects

shit…<< vocabulary replacement


O… <<circle of life

whale…<<deep objects

shit…<< imperative


♦ I have so many things to be greatful for—but spelling isn’t one of them


♦ manifesto, but woman fester ♦


♦ fiction and poetry is the craft of taking deeply personal emotions and events & twisting them—origami like—into art ♦


Sleeping Beauty

was a cutie

till her napping took a hitch,

burning candles

changed her handle

to Sleepless, Moody Bitch.


Appropriate response if someone stumbles over an autumn-man:

ottomanHave a nice trip? See you next fall


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4 Responses to “Associating Randoms”

  1. Brilliant as usual Karen 🙂

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