Hey Diddle Didn’t


Ever wondered

what became of

fairy folks disabled?

Facing trials

beyond the files

of lesson-teaching fables?

Their stories start

with broken parts

as in the case of vermin,

whose blinded eyes

helped compromise

their tails & their earnings.


The tails lost

were hefty cost,

and seeking restitution…

Mice authorized

an opp on eyes

as ultimate solution…

And while procedure

surely featured

machinations basic,

the upshot changed

their story range

to Mice enduring Lasik.


Just as sad

is tale of lad

known as Humpty-Dumpty,

cracked and bruised

the Ova who

grew famous being clumsy.

The aftermath

of fearsome crash

was actually the nexus…

Shattered, battered

put on platter—

they ate Egg Man for breakfast.


This threw a wrench

in rhymes entrenched

particular to Ma Goose…

As Dish for eggs

had Dish-like legs

and thus was sorely misused.

No fiddling cats,

nor dogs to laugh,

at bovine jump of moon…

Since laden Dish

’caused Spooning Miss,

to search for other goon.


—a wooden boy

not man, nor toy,

but puppet with computer…


her latest beau,

replacing Plated suitor.

Once Dish was dregged

with Dumpty’s eggs

Spoon had little option…

Word of mouth

says they moved South,

to look into adoption.

©Karen Robiscoe

1 spoon

(modified) sketch by by André Koehne. Wikimedia Commons


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10 Responses to “Hey Diddle Didn’t”

  1. I swear you’re a genius!

  2. I truly enjoyed reading your free-style writings.

    You’ve made me ponder to write another poem that will soon be coming. Gosh! you are such an inspiration to me. 🙂

  3. Love all the nursery rhyme/fairy tale references. Wonderfully creative as always. Enjoyed this ! 🙂

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