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Hello, cyber surfer, & welcome! I hope you stay awhile & drop in on all my waves here at CHARRON’s CHATTER. Below you’ll find the dust cover & blurb for my urban fantasy: SPIRITED REMIX, the manuscript this blog hopes to promote. Feel free to comment on any post you like, & here’s hoping you get barreled!

Pen on Paint by Diane Caroline Robiscoe

Pen on Paint Artwork by Diane Robiscoe / Graphic Design by Karen Robiscoe

Some 411 on Urban Fantasy: Spirited Remix

What happens to the unrepentant after death? Are there separate places for the good and bad? Can the actions of a loose-ended Spirit affect events in earth’s Middle Realm?

Spirited Remix knows the answer. Peek into the life and death of Renee Tolman. Her snarky attitude only increases when she blows her brains out but continues to exist as a disenfranchised spirit. ‘Guess someone didn’t need a Bloody Mary for breakfast!

The consequences to her actions are out of her control now–a caveat the unsung artist discovers when a zipped body bag traps her with her remains until after the ash scattering. She convinces herself her siblings’ manic behavior at her funeral is part of their existent personalities, until a lightning induced wormhole sucks her into the next dimension and she confronts the very aspects of herself that impelled her to suicide in the first place: her Id and Super-Ego incarnated as celestial watchdogs. As the Freudian fairies vie for the upper hand, and Renee awaits final judgment day in an Afterlife that’s suspiciously familiar, she has ample opportunity to decide which part of her psyche has her best interests at heart.

Is it pretty Perdi, who reminds her so much of boyfriends past? Or cerebral Clement, the embodiment of a childhood mentor? Only a final showdown in Sin City between Renee and her estranged mother will tell. Replete with magical creatures, moral dilemmas and faces from the past, both relative and famous, our heroine’s posthumous attempt to achieve inner harmony is juxtaposed against her dysfunctional family’s struggle to cope with her death back on earth.

Keep an eye on this urban fantasy’s trek to publication here at: Charron’s Chatter. You’ll find updates on the submission process, op-eds, offbeat philosophies, and scribbles covering a diverse range of topics–including when you and she will teleport to an Afterworld of her own making.

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  1. Karen, it’s awesome news on all fronts! Congratulations on the publication of your Fairy Tale Hive Series, and your short story, Silent Night – that is definitely exciting~ All the best in finding a new home for your manuscript, also; I’m rooting for you! 🙂

  2. Woohoo-oo Woohoo-oo Woohoo-oo I is the first person to buy your book. WOODELLYYYWOOOOO. I will stop reading A Clash of Kings and read that tonight instead 😀 I will get your review of Thank The Good God She Found Jesus done in the next day or so. I have been so busy busy busy. Arrrggghhh I hate busy busy

    • oh hunny…I HEAR ya! I am just now getting in from day from HELL…TG it;s over. 🙂

      Thank you for buying my book, Ay. More than a lot, and as much as you can believe!

      (sounded clever…hehe)

    • I am finding it funny so far. Donkey Kong funny haha.

      I’m glad your awful day is over. I hope that Today comes out as a better day for you

    • me too. Today is all free! No ass’ing needed from me, today. 🙂 Gonna run…gonna write…gonna have a great day! And you too. No busy’ing for you, I hope…:)

      I am going to go say HI over on the tweet place…see if any”birdy” new is over there…;)

    • You gonna tweetum and repeatum 😉

      I got nothing to do until later. Although I do have to choose my follow Friday for this week

    • hmmm…well, I know you will make a good choice. I started following RoSy because of your FFs! She is very great–like Ute. Super upbeat and funny, too.

      Tell me–without “spoilers”–did the “place” Link ended up surprise you? (I was super happy when I thought of it)

      I am droppin’ in….:)

    • It did surprise me. I was confused at first as to what was wrong. Then when I found out, it was brilliant

    • ooOOOOoo! my favoright word!! You Brits make “awesome” sound much more “brilliant” (every now and then I sub it in my own vernacular…ssshhhh…;)

      I was trying to find your Q–why am I up so early–but can’t. So I’ll answer here: I am always up this early!! Sometimes even at 5…:)

    • Yikes! It’s bad enough for me getting up at 6.

    • I like’a to carpe diem. 🙂

    • The only thing I want to seize is my blankie hehe

    • er…I am a little high-strung. 🙂 hard to sleep, mostly, though I go through some periods of better sleeping than others. The good thing is–when I get loopy? I also get ver’ creative…at least i think so…

      and tangent–when you get done with the 2nd bookie book, I would love to have an e-mailed (so private) honest (super honest!) back and forth with you about where you think I might improve…you know, the bits that made you go: “huh?!?” etc…whatever took you out of the story at any point–glaring phraseology, faulty logistics, etc etc…

      also too, what worked…:) And not so very involved as this explanation makes it seem, either–just where i could get better for this series’ third and final book…

      (or is it, of course…:)

    • Of course 🙂 I’d be happy to.

    • yay. honest critique is essential…but prolly best private!! You rock!!

      I am going to tweet things for you right now…this is all I can think of to “re-cyber-cate”…tell me if there is anything else…?

    • lol I will 🙂

    • Hey Alastair–go check out this gal’s blog–listening to “Preacherman” right now–and she is awesome!!

      I was looking for Missy Ayo Dele, you know, and stumbled across her. Wow!!


    • She has a great voice

    • right? wow!! And she was a pure happenstance. 🙂 A typo…so you see, you never know what you’ll find in typos…:)

      Maybe some hugely powerful book agent will typo into me!!

      ya think? 😉

    • That would be handy 😀 Would be coooool

    • :mrgreen:

      ^^ the only one I can consistently remember…;)

    • good old mr green. There is lol surrounded by : : to make 😆 there’s oops to make 😳 and then there is me 😈

  3. You’re quite the busy bee!
    It’s a wonderful feeling when hard work pays off 🙂