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imFamous now

Hey kids, it’s that time again. Yep. Time for late night shenanigans…witchin’ hour hijinks…Cinderelly’s curfew, and then some: it’s Midnight Circus (o’clock). Time to getcher golden ticket, which is code for: getcher good ole’ journal, since it’s in this very journal; “A New Home” volume #8, that you’ll find a coupla’ poy·ms of mine—a twofer alla way—and other words by authors both obscure and notorious. Falling neatly in the middle of this spectrum is M-W-A-H << the propah way to spell “me” in French and leave the reader with a warm fuzzy feeling>> and speaking for M-W-A-H, I’d appreciate the support.

Kiss-kiss, and click-click on over to Amazon to pick up:

Midnight Circus:

A New Home vol. #8

midnight circus


And if you’re feeling especially well-heeled, click 3x to pick up an advance copy of Main Street Rag’s car anthology: “Coming Off the Line” available in…uh…advance, at this lovely area of the web.

Main Street Rag:

Coming Off the Line

Main Street Rag


An anthology featuring donuts, treadmarks, and the occasional rim, this rag features uh-nother poy·m of mine, as well as still more authors in the obscure to notorious range. In this lovely magazine, you’ll find lots and lots of words about cars, none of which tell you the proper tire pressure of your vehicle, but I still feel certain you’ll want to own this manual, and stash it in the glovebox to peruse in between texts and hi-speed cornering.


Thank you.

Buy Karen

Hello, kidrows…rows of kids…blogg-ettes & blogg-ers…punchers of keys, clocks, and drinX…

Just a note to encourage one and all to swing by Meat for Tea–A Valley Review, wherein a recent publication of mine is–ahh–publicated. Yes, in PDF, print, and pretty colors, my essay:

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door is available for purchase and bird cage liner right at this very moment!

What? You still here?  G’wan then…have a click over and check out this awesomely named journal with discerning taste–I mean–they use meat for tea, don’t they?

(they do)

All jestin’ aside. Your support is much appreciated, as writing levees an unseen toll on a writer that goes far beyond the cost of ink cartridges.

(The number#2 pencils, alone!)


click to surf over.

And here’s the link to latest publication: PMS Diatribe, featured in Blue Crow Journal, issue # 4. A short story with a humorous bent, it keeps company with several other fine artists’ works. I appreciate anyone who buys it. M-W-A-H.


Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

New Poem Out

My latest poem: Ferry Tale Endings is in this awesome anthology. Come buy a copy… available at Amazon


“Charon. He’s the ferryman who carries the souls of the dead across the River Styx in the gloomy Greek underworld. Two coins pay his fee, but his work never ceases. In this collection of essays, fiction, poetry, and prayers, this often-neglected divine being is properly recognized and honored by modern polytheists. Mysterious and foreboding, Charon nevertheless waits for us all. Paying our respects while still living will put us in good standing when it comes time to cross the river.”

by Bibliotheca Alexandrina (press)   

Galina Krasskova (Compiler)         



Spirited Remix

Hello, cyber surfer, & welcome! I hope you stay awhile & drop in on all my waves here at CHARRON’s CHATTER. Below you’ll find the dust cover & blurb for my urban fantasy: SPIRITED REMIX, the manuscript this blog hopes to promote. Feel free to comment on any post you like, & here’s hoping you get barreled!

Pen on Paint by Diane Caroline Robiscoe

Pen on Paint Artwork by Diane Robiscoe / Graphic Design by Karen Robiscoe

Some 411 on Urban Fantasy: Spirited Remix

What happens to the unrepentant after death? Are there separate places for the good and bad? Can the actions of a loose-ended Spirit affect events in earth’s Middle Realm?

Spirited Remix knows the answer. Peek into the life and death of Renee Tolman. Her snarky attitude only increases when she blows her brains out but continues to exist as a disenfranchised spirit. ‘Guess someone didn’t need a Bloody Mary for breakfast!

The consequences to her actions are out of her control now–a caveat the unsung artist discovers when a zipped body bag traps her with her remains until after the ash scattering. She convinces herself her siblings’ manic behavior at her funeral is part of their existent personalities, until a lightning induced wormhole sucks her into the next dimension and she confronts the very aspects of herself that impelled her to suicide in the first place: her Id and Super-Ego incarnated as celestial watchdogs. As the Freudian fairies vie for the upper hand, and Renee awaits final judgment day in an Afterlife that’s suspiciously familiar, she has ample opportunity to decide which part of her psyche has her best interests at heart.

Is it pretty Perdi, who reminds her so much of boyfriends past? Or cerebral Clement, the embodiment of a childhood mentor? Only a final showdown in Sin City between Renee and her estranged mother will tell. Replete with magical creatures, moral dilemmas and faces from the past, both relative and famous, our heroine’s posthumous attempt to achieve inner harmony is juxtaposed against her dysfunctional family’s struggle to cope with her death back on earth.

Keep an eye on this urban fantasy’s trek to publication here at: Charron’s Chatter. You’ll find updates on the submission process, op-eds, offbeat philosophies, and scribbles covering a diverse range of topics–including when you and she will teleport to an Afterworld of her own making.

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The Muse

the hawk flies in…

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

Shifts shape.
Becomes Muse
—drapes veil

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

drapes gold.

Spangles air
in transparent glitter
gilds Life
— page


gilds Truth.

Twirls, evanesces
restless quantum
faceted spyglass
reveals God.
the Muse flies

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTERyet remains…

©Karen Robiscoe


a Musing anecdote

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