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Hello, kidrows…rows of kids…blogg-ettes & blogg-ers…punchers of keys, clocks, and drinX…

Just a note to encourage one and all to swing by Meat for Tea–A Valley Review, wherein a recent publication of mine is–ahh–publicated. Yes, in PDF, print, and pretty colors, my essay:

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door is available for purchase and bird cage liner right at this very moment!

What? You still here?  G’wan then…have a click over and check out this awesomely named journal with discerning taste–I mean–they use meat for tea, don’t they?

(they do)

All jestin’ aside. Your support is much appreciated, as writing levees an unseen toll on a writer that goes far beyond the cost of ink cartridges.

(The number#2 pencils, alone!)


click to surf over.

And here’s the link to latest publication: PMS Diatribe, featured in Blue Crow Journal, issue # 4. A short story with a humorous bent, it keeps company with several other fine artists’ works. I appreciate anyone who buys it. M-W-A-H.


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