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Spelling is important!
A man in a uniform is more attractive than a man in a unicorn.


LKF: tummies are small—bellies huge!


nemissary = a person that comes bearing bad tidings instead of glad


coo’stick = guitar riff that’s dove lovely


smuth-a-cate = how some relationships are


best writing tip: if it bores you to edit it/write it/read it—so is your reader


if your hair stands on end, that’s like a hair ovation….


robes are pretty important. They named a whole ward after them.


twitterbug = serial tweeter


The original champagne-from-a-shoe girl, Cinderella’s glass slipper was half full


Santa’s itinerary: Yule Log

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

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3 Responses to “AKA Randoms”

  1. I dunno Karen. I do love me some unicorns. 😉 And I love your best writing tip! 😆

  2. I’m struck dumber every time I read your genius SS~ seriously !

    • oh! I am ready to create a brand new world with a “deb” pop exclusively. You are such wind, Soul Sister, beneath my sometimes busted-up wings. You are so generous in your praise…I hope I merit it, as it is so appreciated…and is truly the fuel this “fool” needs to keep at it. The life of a scribe is one that is questioned–especially prior to success–and the reassurance of valued intellects KEY.

      absolutely KEY. As I respect your turn with the pen so well, your encouragement means the world. You aren’t just some average person! You are a scribe of note yourself. I thank you for your sweet spirit that allows you to love others in this same capacity…instead of the other way…the way of the world…

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