her face was white

* pure white *

pitted dates where the eyes should be…

feathers grew from her head & shoulders

–cut in the manner of hair–

vestigial wings peaked her interest

& vexed wonder piqued mine

I reached out,

(unmasking her)

kissing that dissatisfied lip…


©K Robiscoe


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I bring to you an arrow, whole, Use it, or break it, But if you choose to take it --Know-- With it also, I will go. © Karen Robiscoe @1992

6 Responses to “masQue”

  1. Perfect form and rhythm! Pithy words easily paint a complex picture – I love the arc in the middle

    ‘vestigial wings peaked her interest

    & vexed wonder piqued mine’

    Good going Sistah! Another winner.

    • this is one of those: musing poems…lalalala…what DO I mean? (seriously to myself: what do I mean?)

      ‘Took me into a whole new level of Pan’s Box chasing that answer…

      I love exploring that box….and it isn’t as if it closes anymore, anyway. have an awesomely artful day, my musing sister…:)

    • For me the form of the work has so much sense to it the wisdom is right there in the rhythm. I know what I got out of it – a sense of ageing but staying still at the same time (leaving me with the question of is the subject being held back or fixing themselves wilfully to the spot). But I know that interpretation is an individual thing. Personally, in strong pieces I think the reader will get an experience so different to the one the artist set up because it’s hitting something quite deep in psyche. That’s just my opinion of course! As always, enjoying your rich work thoroughly 😀

    • you are a consummate new friend. A skilled author from whom I might learn, as well as a provocative conversationalist, with just the right touch of manners and refinement.

      Love u Lita!! (lul)

      and yes–so open to interpretation: the frozen aspect, yes–& like water when melted–full of wondrous things/uses held long in check…

      and you know…clowns…;)

    • Ah yesss!! Good call.. Clowns!! 😀 😀

      It’s a privilege and pleasure to chat to you! I value your words. I love watching the journey your work follows, always fresh and new (the Clowns surprised me today!). It’s great to be energised by your path. Wishing lots of power to you!

  2. beautiful indeed..
    her face was white

    * pure white * i feel that

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