Soft Cell

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Maybe we are all just part of the Godhead

each one of us—

cells in His body,

the cosmos: His plasmic soup

the planets: His bones

the stars in your eyes: His eyes

all stars, I mean, since He’s built a little differently, I think,

–pulsing with stellar energy & Pearly Gate-orade–

I’ll bet God gets His licks in at the gym!

Maybe His moles are our cancer,

and don’t get me wrong,

moles are lovely—

Marilyn’s & nocturnal, both

(I like ’em anyway, even if they’re more 7-year-scratch than itch, since who’s to gauge beauty, really? Isn’t all Life beautiful? Part of the greater whole, the mole–

part of the Godhead,

but hey,

someone’s got to go.

Cells regenerate to stay dynamic

in all bodies

great and small, and moles are infamously deep cover.

Maybe the Einsteins


and Hawkings

are part of the Godhead brain,


Van Gogh



and Debussy…





maybe they are

part of His


©Karen Robiscoe

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