the Bunny, the Moth, and the Closet


We all know about

the wardrobe…

–with lions, kids, and witches–

but less is known,

about the zone,

that houses other stitches,

I posit


leads to Odds,

as End to wardrobe glitches

–no slippers needed

just a beaded–

bag of silver fishes.

Since land of Odds

conceals the paws,

attached to noisome Wall’Rust…

a beastly mold,

on clothes of old,

and dampness

turned to crust

–this Wall’Rust sentry

bars all entry–

unless you fill his guts…

with silver fishes,

brought in dishes,

–Wall’Rust likes such fuss.

In land of garments,

other varmints,

await your visit, too–

not as rare

as tardy hare

are Dusty Bunnies—who

down from garret

beg for care, it

asks a lot of you,

so grab a towel,

to swab the dowel,

and floor to ceiling, too.

Or drop the cloth

and bring a


since winged bugs

have Balls…

they’ll clear your path,

to Odds and back,

and double-check your halls

–where overcoats

hide other roads–

that stretch beyond the Wall

of closet

’cause it

smart to swap

the outer, underall.

by Me

prompt: closet

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