Completely Super Sunday

15 min chunks.

My life is completely amazeballs


15 min chunks.

During these quarter hours

it’s important not to


–to keep my inner glasses off,

or at the very least—unknown.

for 15 min, sure.

I can do that for

15 min—yeah.

Since my life is completely


in 15 min segments.

Vivisected coil of



snaking a way to shed skin

in 15 min or less,

and just that many seconds

you do the math—

completely okay.

. . .

so cool!

(to recap)

in 15 min increments

my life is completely tolerable.

in 15 min parcels

tied up with strings

that strangle,

(in rooms with no high beam)

–completely white-knuckled tolerable,

in 15 min blocks.

as long as I don’t look



or behind,

I’m 15 min


for the game.

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