Vaccine Additives

Suppose it’s true. . .

Smoke some deGrasse

and let your mind


(lol, your mind)

Say we are living in a simulation. . .

a game on an X box in a land

far, far

(not even a good game)

and by virtue

of a virus

(not even a good gaming system)

or a covertly operated, economy crashing, freedom encroaching, Special Interest expressing Special Concerns about Special Agendas phenomenon,

are living in our own virtual reality

–a simulation—

or house arrest; it’s just semantics,

while the Movers and Shakers use downtime to their advantage


Now posit Gates enjoys “Face Off” time  at night,

(and Gates to what exactly? Though I understand his Bills. . .)

And assume Zuckerberg’s reptilian quality and bad haircut are more than skin deep.

(Working off the theory he’s just a poorly created gif–where would all this end? The Droste Effect dictates never. . .)


Fast forward to the picture-in-picture scenario

(lol, fast forward)

which SIMs true (ish) enough

–the best anyone can hope for at this juncture

in this jargon–

and downright validates the phrase “He’s a real PIP”,

positioning Gladys and her boys as well before their time

this time

where PIPs are the seeds in Apples, BTW’s,

and apropos of everything. . .


so mathematically speaking


(has a rhythm, if you sing it)

in this deGrasse conjecture

it makes sense

that the duckface thumbnails

we’ve grown to become

are playing orchestrated games

games orchestrated by Big Brother

ergo this mise en abyme is

overdue for a pandemic

–worst malware ever!

all its own

(worse than injectable Lysol)

(more than a new emoji)

shaking the foundation

of Facebook

–curly fries tattling on non-conforming spuds–

& breaking Windows

–event 202–

crashing Gates

–ID 2020–

& getting Jobs

breaking the lockstep of New World Orders,

and ridding our “selves” of

bad Apples

& oppressive systems


and for

. . .



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