Wherever I May Find You

energy transmutes

at death

love transcends


as soft as blown dandelion fuzz,

this love let go

disperses potent motes in final breath

ranging outward–



light years far,

a rippling continuum

in matter of light spectrum

we feel

but cannot see,

everything before red, and all that follows violet

this loop of rainbow beyond horizon

awakens senses

we cannot know.


traveling quantum-entanglement quick,

the specks infuse the atmosphere

with all that’s gentle and good

in that person


the hearts yet beating,

the hearts left behind

the hearts aching with loss–

and seeds them with nascent

blooms. . .


in time these weary sentinels

grow fuller

lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub

lush with


that must be tended,

spangled in


that neither toils nor spins,

and the heart


lives on

. . .

–enduring beyond all memory, too.

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I bring to you an arrow, whole, Use it, or break it, But if you choose to take it --Know-- With it also, I will go. © Karen Robiscoe @1992

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