my Rorschach life


–causing hives I hide

in pareidolias

(pair of doilies)



but also a doggy and a kitty and a boat

Look! Look!

(before it shifts)

Is it just me, or do you see that too…?


several freeze frames

>synaptic snaps<

nailed to mind’s eye are fixed and

crucify hope

(forgive-me-Fathers with plenty of “as if’s”, “what if’s” and “if only’s”)

but create an interesting stigmata

–red sky blossoms in shapes of true love


some celluloid reels


spliced by time

(or flapping in wind-machine breeze)


number of reruns,

fluid POV and paradigms

remastering outcome

almost continually

. . .

ok. Continually.


words, though.

. . .

mostly words

make up these shapes resembling ships

–passing or missing,

incoming or asea–


poetry and questions,

soliloquy and rant

parody and oration

prayer and entreaty

–the treaty following M–


bendable and elastic,

these compounds

are phonetic

are beautiful!

(and hateful)

(too many)


and far too few



no take-backsies rule preceding, I

can’t un-communicate anything!


. . .


Not a thing. . .

and sorry

(beyond Indian dress)

is just one more

echo in an








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