Job’s Trails

He gave us the


–from the tree of knowledge–

and framing it as

Scooby snacks,

told us to

dig in, and right then we

should have known. . .

‘should have seen his agenda

‘should have recognized his soul-less

reptilian eyes

–so like the man from Sugar Mountain–

glinting in the spectacle.


From then on


(the comparative Eden)

made of Earth

–and at least occasionally in America–


Transported us outside


(to peace)

to Gates

flung open wide

to Hell

(aka algorithms)

and Window to a world

of all that’s allowed

–plus all that’s actually done

a Window to a world

that grows social distancing in Petri dishes

while climbing up your ass on the not-so-DL,

a Window to a world

sealed tight behind




. . .

–where tales

wagging dogs

(and data)

swear the

plague’s upon us


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