Yards Better

the grass is always greener

seen from far away–

but is it gleam,

from solar beam,

that brightens up the blades?

would cloudy weather

lessen better

image of this glade?


would rain


the lea’s allure

and render it a bog?

and risky going

when you’re mowing

grass beneath your clogs?

no path

–just swath–

of slippery green

unsafe to walk or jog?


would frost

and snow

cloak the glow

you swear the grass exudes?

a winter’s coat

that’s sure to slow

renewal, and denude

–the very thing

that’s beckoning–

that greener



When viewing

sod, consider then

the yard you call your own,

it may be pocked

or brown in spots

but it’s the greener loam,

if sparse or lush

in rain or slush

that grass defines

your home.

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2 Responses to “Yards Better”

  1. The yard’s beauty from all angles. I loved this 🙂

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