Conjecture Lectures

who’s to say

life’s better than death

such declarations

are guessing at best

‘cause when we are kicking

we can’t really know

if it’s better above

or 6 feet below


if daisies are pushed

by body and spirit

or soul is long gone

no loves-me-not near it

if worms get their chow

from all that we are

or some part of us

transcends salad bar


if light that we lit

is fried like a wire

or bulb keeps its charge

with breaker that’s higher

if soul is recycled

in new incarnation

til lessons are learned

(a lengthy furcation)


if judgement of life

is given by guy

bearded and glowing

son by his side

if that fella’s biased

by faith or by name

if Jehovah and Yahweh

and Allah’s the same


if we’re simulations

and never leave pod

projections for gamers

a hologram spot

if God’s an electron

a quantum equation

a “hard to pin down”

root of creation


so who’s to say

death’s better than life

the area’s grey

not black & not white.

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