Holly-Daze (series)

Week Three

The next

several weeks

pass in a haze,

a sweet-induced coma,

brought on by days,

of nibbling treats

culled Halloween,


a loosening

of belts on most jeans.


Hinging on timing,

you might also see,

a partisan race–

to run our country,

a process where candidates

stump & promote,

relevant issues

rockin’ the vote,

–smiling the while

by predescribed rote.


It’s also

quite likely,

you’ll entertain guests,

that come with the season

and must be impressed,

with doo-dads and china,

dragged out each year,


in bubble wrap

amounting to cheer.


And as time


to end of November,

families prepare

a feast to remember–

the instance of stealing

this land

from its natives,

unfair to those there,

but still legislated.


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Second Week

Week 3

4th Down


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