Holly-Daze (series)


4th Down

This fact doesn’t hamper

–the party at all!

Which features

* a creature *

we call Butterball.

A staph-ridden turkey

its carcass: a misery–

–of factory-farmed meat

befouled and be’gristly,

(despite hours spinning in oven rotisserie)


The incumbent host

is stressed, but pretending,

she’s not in the least

by way of attending,

to every last detail

right down to

the platter,

on which bird

–is served–

as if such things matter.


As history shows

that will·ful relations,

will full·y decide–

to guzzle libations,

ostensibly hefted

to those they hold dear,

giving their thanks

with two-barreled beer,

though bro’ likes nouveaux,

at this time of year.


If you can’t

beat ‘em––join ‘em!

And grab you a Bloody’

through Macy’s parade

you’ll be buddy-buddy,

a state that degrades

when footballs are kicked,

since pigskins

can stand in,

for symbolic dicks.


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